Source code for matador.utils.ase_utils

# coding: utf-8
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

""" This file implements some light wrappers to
the Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE).


import copy
from typing import Union
from matador.utils.chem_utils import get_stoich
from matador.utils.cell_utils import get_spacegroup_spg
from matador.crystal import Crystal

__all__ = ['ase2dict', 'doc2ase']

[docs]def ase2dict(atoms, as_model=False) -> Union[dict, Crystal]: """ Return a matador document (dictionary or :obj:`Crystal`) from an `ase.Atoms` object. Parameters: atoms (ase.Atoms): input structure. Keyword arguments: as_model (bool): if `True`, return a Crystal instead of a dictionary. Returns: Union[dict, Crystal]: matador output. """ from matador.utils.cell_utils import cart2abc doc = {} # sort atoms, then their positions doc['atom_types'] = atoms.get_chemical_symbols() inds = [i[0] for i in sorted(enumerate(doc['atom_types']), key=lambda x: x[1])] doc['positions_frac'] = atoms.get_scaled_positions().tolist() doc['positions_frac'] = [doc['positions_frac'][ind] for ind in inds] doc['atom_types'] = [doc['atom_types'][ind] for ind in inds] try: doc['lattice_cart'] = atoms.get_cell().tolist() except AttributeError: doc['lattice_cart'] = atoms.get_cell().array.tolist() doc['lattice_abc'] = cart2abc(doc['lattice_cart']) doc['num_atoms'] = len(doc['atom_types']) doc['stoichiometry'] = get_stoich(doc['atom_types']) doc['cell_volume'] = atoms.get_volume() doc['elems'] = {atom for atom in doc['atom_types']} doc['num_fu'] = doc['num_atoms'] / int(sum(doc['stoichiometry'][i][1] for i in range(len(doc['stoichiometry'])))) doc['space_group'] = get_spacegroup_spg(doc, symprec=0.001) if doc["ase_info"] = copy.deepcopy( if as_model: doc = Crystal(doc) return doc
[docs]def doc2ase(doc: Union[dict, Crystal], add_keys_to_info=True): """ Convert matador document to simple ASE object. Parameters: doc (dict/:obj:`Crystal`): matador document or `Crystal` containing the structure. Keyword arguments: add_keys_to_info (bool): whether or not to add the keys from the matador document to the info section of the Atoms object. """ from ase import Atoms atoms = Atoms(symbols=doc['atom_types'], scaled_positions=doc['positions_frac'], cell=doc['lattice_cart'], pbc=True) if add_keys_to_info: if isinstance(doc, Crystal):['matador'] = doc._data else:['matador'] = copy.deepcopy(doc) if '_id' in['matador']:['matador']['_id'] = str(['matador']['_id']) return atoms