Source code for matador.config.quickstart

""" This submodule includes functionality to create a
template .matadorrc file.


__all__ = ["quickstart_settings"]

import os
from matador.utils.print_utils import print_warning, print_success

[docs]def quickstart_settings(): """Call this if no user-specified configuration file is found. A series of questions will be asked to create a basic matadorrc. """ print( "No user-specified input found at either ~/.matadorrc or " "~/.config/matadorrc" ) response = input("Would you like to use quickstart to create one now? [y/n] ") if not response.lower().startswith("y"): return None hline = 80 * "-" print("Okay, let's get started!") print("Firstly, where would you like me to put your config file: ") valid = False while not valid: response = input("[1] ~/.matadorrc, [2] ~/.config/matadorrc? ") if response not in ["1", "2"]: print("I didn't understand, sorry... please enter 1 or 2") else: valid = True if response == "1": fname = os.path.expanduser("~/.matadorrc") else: fname = os.path.expanduser("~/.config/matadorrc") flines = [] print(hline) response = input( "Great! Would you like to use matador with a MongoDB database? [y/n] " ) if response.lower().startswith("y"): flines.append("mongo:") host_response = input("Where is this MongoDB hosted? [default: localhost] ") if host_response == "": host_response = "localhost" flines.append(" host: {}".format(host_response)) print(hline) port_response = input("and at what port? [default: 27017] ") if port_response == "": port_response = 27017 flines.append(" port: {}".format(port_response)) print(hline) print( "Please set your firewall and MongoDB settings accordingly: " "by default MongoDB\nneeds no authentication so be careful " "if your database is running on an open port!" ) test_conn_response = input( "Would you like me to test the connection to this MongoDB instance now? [y/n] " ) keep_trying = True if test_conn_response.lower() == "y": while keep_trying: import pymongo as pm cli = pm.MongoClient( host_response, port=int(port_response), maxIdleTimeMS=600000, socketTimeoutMS=3600000, serverSelectionTimeoutMS=10000, connectTimeoutMS=10000, ) try: cli.database_names() keep_trying = False except pm.errors.ServerSelectionTimeoutError: print_warning( "Failed to connect to {}:{}, are you sure it is running?".format( host_response, port_response ) ) response = input("Would you like me to try again? [y/n] ") keep_trying = response.lower().startswith("y") except Exception: keep_trying = False print(hline) db_response = input( "What is the name of the database (not collection) " "that you want to query/create? [default: crystals] " ) if db_response == "": db_response = "crystals" flines.append(" db: {}".format(db_response)) print(hline) coll_response = input( "What about the default collection name to query? [default: repo] " ) if coll_response == "": coll_response = "repo" flines.append(" default_collection: {}".format(coll_response)) print(hline) print("Would you like to set a protected folder for this collection?") file_path_response = input( "Any import to this collection must happen from this path, and the " "--force flag must be used if so. [default: None] " ) if file_path_response != "": flines.append( " default_file_collection_path: {}".format(file_path_response) ) print(hline) print_success( "Mongo section of matadorrc complete! Saving as {} and exiting...".format( fname ) ) print(hline) if not flines: print( "Okay, there is no config file to be made and I will keep using the defaults." ) return None with open(fname, "a") as f: for line in flines: f.write(line + "\n") return fname