Source code for matador.cli.cli

# coding: utf-8
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.

""" This file implements the "matador" command line. """

from matador.query import DBQuery
from matador.hull import QueryConvexHull
from matador.utils.print_utils import print_failure, print_warning, print_notify
from matador.db import make_connection_to_collection
from matador.config import load_custom_settings

[docs]class MatadorCommandLine: """ Class that implements the command-line interface to a MongoDB structure repository. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Initialise the query with command line arguments and return results. """ # read args self.kwargs = kwargs self.args = vars(args[0]) self.args['no_quickstart'] = self.kwargs.get('no_quickstart') self.argstr = kwargs.get('argstr') file_exts = ['cell', 'res', 'pdb', 'markdown', 'latex', 'param', 'xsf'] self.export = any([self.args.get(ext) for ext in file_exts]) self.subcommand = self.args.pop("subcmd") if self.subcommand != 'import': self.settings = load_custom_settings(config_fname=self.args.get('config'), debug=self.args.get('debug'), no_quickstart=self.args.get('no_quickstart')) result = make_connection_to_collection(self.args.get('db'), check_collection=(self.subcommand != "stats"), mongo_settings=self.settings) self.client, self.db, self.collections = result if self.subcommand == 'stats': self.stats() try: if self.subcommand == 'import': from matador.db import Spatula self.importer = Spatula(self.args) if self.subcommand == 'query': self.query = DBQuery(self.client, self.collections, **self.args) self.cursor = self.query.cursor if self.subcommand == 'swaps': from matador.swaps import AtomicSwapper self.query = DBQuery(self.client, self.collections, **self.args) if self.args.get('hull_cutoff') is not None: self.hull = QueryConvexHull(query=self.query, **self.args) self.swapper = AtomicSwapper(self.hull.hull_cursor, **self.args) else: self.swapper = AtomicSwapper(self.query.cursor, **self.args) self.cursor = self.swapper.cursor if self.subcommand == 'refine': from matador.db import Refiner self.query = DBQuery(self.client, self.collections, **self.args) if self.args.get('hull_cutoff') is not None: self.hull = QueryConvexHull(self.query, **self.args) self.refiner = Refiner(self.hull.cursor, self.query.repo, **self.args) else: self.refiner = Refiner(self.query.cursor, self.query.repo, **self.args) self.cursor = self.refiner.cursor if self.subcommand == 'hull' or self.subcommand == 'voltage': self.hull = QueryConvexHull(**self.args, voltage=self.subcommand == 'voltage', client=self.client, collections=self.collections) self.cursor = self.hull.hull_cursor if self.subcommand == 'changes': from matador.db import DatabaseChanges if len(self.collections) != 1: raise SystemExit('Cannot view changes of more than one collection at once.') if self.args.get('undo'): action = 'undo' else: action = 'view' changeset = self.args.get('changeset') if changeset is None: changeset = 0 DatabaseChanges([key for key in self.collections][0], changeset_ind=changeset, action=action, mongo_settings=self.settings, override=kwargs.get('no_quickstart')) if self.subcommand == 'hulldiff': from matador.hull.hull_diff import diff_hulls if self.args.get('compare') is None: raise SystemExit('Please specify which hulls to query with --compare.') diff_hulls(self.client, self.collections, **self.args) if self.export and self.cursor: from matador.export import query2files if self.args.get('write_n') is not None: self.cursor = [doc for doc in self.cursor if len(doc['stoichiometry']) == self.args.get('write_n')] if not self.cursor: print_failure('No structures left to export.') query2files(self.cursor, **self.args, argstr=self.argstr, subcmd=self.subcommand, hash_dupe=True) if self.args.get('view'): from matador.utils.viz_utils import viz if self.args.get('top') is None: = len(self.cursor) else: = self.args.get('top') if len(self.cursor[]) > 10: from time import sleep print_warning('WARNING: opening {} files with ase-gui...'.format(len(self.cursor))) print_warning('Please kill script within 3 seconds if undesired...') sleep(3) if len(self.cursor[]) > 20: print_failure( 'You will literally be opening that many windows, ' + 'I\'ll give you another 5 seconds to reconsider...') sleep(5) print_notify('It\'s your funeral...') sleep(1) for doc in self.cursor[]: viz(doc) if self.subcommand != 'import': self.client.close() except (RuntimeError, SystemExit, KeyboardInterrupt) as oops: if isinstance(oops, RuntimeError): print_failure(oops) elif isinstance(oops, SystemExit): print_warning(oops) try: self.client.close() except AttributeError: pass raise oops
[docs] def print_report(self): """ Print spatula report on current database. """ try: report = print('Database last modified on', report['last_modified'], 'with matador', report['version'] + '.') except Exception: print_warning('Failed to print database report: spatula is probably running!')
[docs] def stats(self): """ Print some useful stats about the database. """ if self.args.get('list'): print_notify(str(len(self.db.list_collection_names())) + ' collections found in database:\n') collstats_list = [] for name in self.db.list_collection_names(): collstats_list.append(self.db.command('collstats', name)) collstats_list[-1]['name'] = name collstats_list = sorted(collstats_list, key=lambda k: k['count'], reverse=True) print("\t{:^20}\t{:^20}".format('Name', 'Number of structures')) for collection in collstats_list: if not collection['name'].startswith('__'): print("\t{:<20}\t{:>20d}".format(collection['name'], collection['count'])) print('\n') elif self.args.get('delete'): target = self.args.get('db') if isinstance(target, list) and len(target) == 1: target = target[0] else: raise SystemExit('I will only delete one collection at a time...') if target is None: raise SystemExit('Please specify a collection to delete.') if target not in self.db.list_collection_names(): raise SystemExit('No collection named {} was found'.format(target)) from getpass import getuser user = getuser() if user not in target: raise SystemExit('I cannot delete a collection that\'s name does not start with ' 'your username, {}'.format(user)) stats = self.db.command('collstats', target) if self.args.get('no_quickstart'): answer = 'y' else: answer = input('Are you sure you want to delete collection {} containing {} ' 'structures? [y/n]\n'.format(target, stats['count'])) if answer.lower() == 'y': if target == 'repo': raise SystemExit('I\'m sorry Dave, I\'m afraid I can\'t do that...') print('Deleting collection {}...'.format(target)) self.db[target].drop() print('and its changelog...') self.db['__changelog_{}'.format(target)].drop() else: raise SystemExit('Nevermind then!') else: comp_list = dict() stats_dict = dict() stats_dict['count'] = 0 stats_dict['avgObjSize'] = 0 stats_dict['storageSize'] = 0 stats_dict['totalIndexSize'] = 0 for collection in self.collections: db_stats_dict = self.db.command('collstats', collection) stats_dict['count'] += db_stats_dict['count'] stats_dict['avgObjSize'] += db_stats_dict['avgObjSize'] stats_dict['storageSize'] += db_stats_dict['storageSize'] stats_dict['totalIndexSize'] += db_stats_dict['totalIndexSize'] print(("The collection(s) queried in {} contain {} structures at {:.1f} kB each " "totalling {:.1f} MB with a further {:.1f} MB of indexes.") .format(, stats_dict['count'], stats_dict['avgObjSize'] / (1024), stats_dict['storageSize'] / (1024**2), stats_dict['totalIndexSize'] / (1024**2))) for collname in self.collections: cursor = self.collections[collname].find() for doc in cursor: temp = '' for ind, elem in enumerate(sorted(doc['stoichiometry'])): temp += str(elem[0]) if ind != len(doc['stoichiometry']) - 1: temp += '+' if temp not in comp_list: comp_list[temp] = 0 comp_list[temp] += 1 keys = list(comp_list.keys()) vals = list(comp_list.values()) comp_list = list(zip(keys, vals)) comp_list.sort(key=lambda t: t[1], reverse=True) small_count = 0 first_ind = 1000 cutoff = 100 for ind, comp in enumerate(comp_list): if comp[1] < cutoff: if ind < first_ind: first_ind = ind small_count += comp[1] comp_list = comp_list[:first_ind] comp_list.append(['others < ' + str(cutoff), small_count]) comp_list.sort(key=lambda t: t[1], reverse=True) try: from ascii_graph import Pyasciigraph from ascii_graph.colors import Gre, Blu, Red from ascii_graph.colordata import hcolor except ImportError: print("ascii_graph dependency not found, not creating histogram.") else: graph = Pyasciigraph(line_length=80, multivalue=False) thresholds = {int(stats_dict['count'] / 40): Gre, int(stats_dict['count'] / 10): Blu, int(stats_dict['count'] / 4): Red} data = hcolor(comp_list, thresholds) for line in graph.graph(label=None, data=data): print(line) print('\n') for comp in comp_list: print(comp)
[docs]def main(no_quickstart=False): """ Parse all user args and construct a MatadorCommandLine object. Keyword arguments: no_quickstart: no_quickstart all stdin with sensible defaults. """ import argparse from sys import argv from matador import __version__, script_epilog parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( prog='matador', description='MATerial and Atomistic Database Of Refined structures.', epilog=script_epilog ) parser.add_argument('--version', action='version', version='matador version ' + __version__ + '.') # define subparsers for self.subcommands subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(title='self.subcommands', description='valid sub-commands', dest='subcmd') # define parent parser for global arguments global_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) # common arguments to all self.subcommands global_flags.add_argument('--db', nargs='+', help='choose which collection to query') global_flags.add_argument('--debug', action='store_true', help='enable debug printing throughout code.') global_flags.add_argument('-conf', '--config', type=str, help='specify custom location of matador config file.' '(DEFAULT: $MATADOR_ROOT/config/matador_conf.json)') global_flags.add_argument('--devel', action='store_true', help='test devel code.') global_flags.add_argument('--profile', action='store_true', help='run code profiler.') global_flags.add_argument('-q', '--quiet', action='store_true', help='redirect most output to /dev/null.') # define all other flags by group structure_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) structure_flags.add_argument('-c', '--composition', type=str, nargs='+', help='find all structures containing exclusively the given ' 'elements, e.g. LiSi. Macros defined for groups [I]-[VII] ' '[Tran] [Lan] and [Act], used with square brackets.') structure_flags.add_argument('-int', '--intersection', action='store_true', help='query the intersection of compositions instead of the union ' 'e.g. -c LiSnS -int queries Li, Sn, S, LiSn, LiS & LiSnS.') structure_flags.add_argument('-n', '--num_species', type=int, help='find all structures containing a certain number of species.') structure_flags.add_argument('-f', '--formula', type=str, nargs='+', help='query a particular chemical formula, e.g. GeTeSi3') structure_flags.add_argument('-i', '--id', type=str, nargs='+', help='specify a particular structure by its text_id') structure_flags.add_argument('-ac', '--calc_match', action='store_true', help='display calculations of the same accuracy as specified id') structure_flags.add_argument('-kpttol', '--kpoint_tolerance', type=float, help='kpoint tolerance for calculation matches (DEFAULT: +/- 0.01 1/Å)') structure_flags.add_argument('-presstol', '--pressure_tolerance', type=float, help='pressure tolerance for calculation matches (DEFAULT: +/- 0.5 GPa)') structure_flags.add_argument('-z', '--num_fu', type=int, help='query a calculations with more than n formula units') structure_flags.add_argument('-sg', '--space_group', help='query a particular space group') structure_flags.add_argument('-u', '--uniq', type=float, nargs='?', const=0.1, help='float, return only unique structures (filtered by PDF ' 'overlap), to this tolerance (DEFAULT: 0.1)') structure_flags.add_argument('-p', '--pressure', type=float, help='specify an isotropic external pressure to search for, e.g. 10 (GPa)') structure_flags.add_argument('-pf', '--partial-formula', action='store_true', help='stoichiometry/composition queries will include other unspecified species, e.g. ' '-pf search for Li will query any structure containing Li, not just pure Li.') structure_flags.add_argument('--tags', nargs='+', type=str, help=('search for manual tags')) structure_flags.add_argument('--doi', type=str, help=('search for DOI in format xxxx/xxxx')) structure_flags.add_argument('-icsd', '--icsd', type=int, const=0, nargs='?', help=('search for an ICSD CollCode')) structure_flags.add_argument('-ss', '--src_str', type=str, help=('search for a string inside the structure sources')) structure_flags.add_argument('-root', '--root_src', type=str, help=('search for a root_source string of the structure')) structure_flags.add_argument('-encap', '--encapsulated', action='store_true', help='query only structures encapsulated in a carbon nanotube.') structure_flags.add_argument('-cntr', '--cnt_radius', type=float, help='specify the radius of the encapsulating nanotube to within 0.01 Å') structure_flags.add_argument('-cntv', '--cnt_vector', type=int, nargs='+', help='specify the chiral vector of the encapsulating nanotube') structure_flags.add_argument('-ecut', '--cutoff', type=float, nargs='+', help='specify the min. and optionally max. planewave cutoff.') structure_flags.add_argument('-geom', '--geom_force_tol', type=float, nargs='+', help='force tolerance in eV/Å to query for calc matches.') structure_flags.add_argument('-grid', '--grid_scale', type=float, nargs='+', help='grid scale to query for calc matches.') structure_flags.add_argument('-finegrid', '--fine_grid_scale', type=float, nargs='+', help='fine grid scale to query for calc matches.') structure_flags.add_argument('--sedc', type=str, help='specify the dispersion correction scheme, e.g. TS or null.') structure_flags.add_argument('-xc', '--xc_functional', type=str, help='specify an xc-functional to query (case-insensitive).') structure_flags.add_argument('-kpts', '--mp_spacing', type=float, help='specify an MP grid spacing in 2π/Å units, e.g. 0.05, will return all values ' 'structures with value within --kpt_tol') structure_flags.add_argument('--spin', type=str, help='specifiy whether to query non-spin-polarized (0) calcs or spin polarized calcs ' '(!=1), or lump them both together with `any`') structure_flags.add_argument('--loose', action='store_true', help='loosely matches with calc_match, i.e. only matches pspot and xc_functional') structure_flags.add_argument('--ignore_warnings', action='store_true', help='includes possibly bad structures') structure_flags.add_argument('--field', type=str, action='append', help='name of arbitrary field to query') structure_flags.add_argument('--filter', nargs='+', action='append', help='specify either float [min, max] or a string/float value.') material_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) material_flags.add_argument('-hc', '--hull_cutoff', type=float, help='return only structures within a certain distance from hull in eV/atom') material_flags.add_argument('-lc', '--label_cutoff', nargs='+', type=float, help='label only structures within a certain distance from hull in eV/atom') material_flags.add_argument('--biggest', action='store_true', help='use the largest subset of structures to create a hull') material_flags.add_argument('--volume', action='store_true', help='plot a volume curve from convex hull (currently limited to binaries)') material_flags.add_argument('--chempots', type=float, nargs='+', help='manually specify chem pots as enthalpy per atom for a rough hull.') plot_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) plot_flags.add_argument('--pdf', action='store_true', help='save pdf rather than showing plot in X') plot_flags.add_argument('--png', action='store_true', help='save png rather than showing plot in X') plot_flags.add_argument('--csv', action='store_true', help='save plotting data to separate csv files') plot_flags.add_argument('--labels', action='store_true', help='label hull plots') plot_flags.add_argument('--svg', action='store_true', help='save svg rather than showing plot in X') plot_flags.add_argument('--subplot', action='store_true', help='plot combined hull and voltage graph') plot_flags.add_argument('--no_plot', action='store_true', help='suppress plotting') plot_flags.add_argument('--capmap', action='store_true', help='plot heat map of gravimetric capacity') plot_flags.add_argument('--sampmap', action='store_true', help='plot heat map of concentration sampling') plot_flags.add_argument('--efmap', action='store_true', help='plot heat map of formation energy') plot_flags.add_argument('--pathways', action='store_true', help='plot line from stable B_x C_y to pure A in ABC ternary.') plot_flags.add_argument('--expt', type=str, help='enter experimental voltage curve .csv file for plotting.') plot_flags.add_argument('--expt_label', type=str, help='label for experimental data on voltage curve.') import_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) import_flags.add_argument('-d', '--dryrun', action='store_true', help='run the importer without connecting to the database') import_flags.add_argument('-v', '--verbosity', type=int, help='enable verbose output', default=0) import_flags.add_argument('-f', '--force', action='store_true', help='override main database protection') import_flags.add_argument('-t', '--tags', nargs='+', type=str, help='set user tags, e.g. nanotube, project name') import_flags.add_argument('--recent_only', action='store_true', help='sort files by creation date (st_ctime) and ' 'stop importing after a duplicate is found in the database.') import_flags.add_argument('-s', '--scan', action='store_true', help='only scan the database for new structures, do not import new structures') import_flags.add_argument('-p', '--prototype', action='store_true', help='create a database of prototype structures that contain no DFT calculations') changes_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) changes_flags.add_argument('-c', '--changeset', type=int, help='changeset number to query') changes_flags.add_argument('-r', '--revert', type=int, help='revert database to specified changeset') changes_flags.add_argument('-u', '--undo', action='store_true', help='undo changeset') collection_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) collection_flags.add_argument('--to', type=str, help='the text_id of a structure with the desired parameters') collection_flags.add_argument('--with', type=str, help=('the seedname (must be within pwd) of cell and param ' + 'files to use for swaps')) collection_flags.add_argument('--prefix', type=str, help='add a prefix to all file names to write out (auto-appended with an underscore') query_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) query_flags.add_argument('-s', '--summary', action='store_true', help='show only the ground state for each stoichiometry.') query_flags.add_argument('-t', '--top', type=int, help='number of structures to show/write (DEFAULT: 10)') query_flags.add_argument('-dE', '--delta_E', type=float, help='maximum distance from ground state structure to show/write in eV/atom') query_flags.add_argument('-d', '--details', action='store_true', help='show as much detail about calculation as possible') query_flags.add_argument('-pa', '--per_atom', action='store_true', help='show quantities per atom not per fu.') query_flags.add_argument('-ef', '--eform', action='store_true', help='print formation energy not hull distance.') query_flags.add_argument('-dt', '--time', type=int, help='query only structures added before this time in days') query_flags.add_argument('-avail', '--available_values', type=str, help='list all values of field in query results') query_flags.add_argument('--use_source', default=False, action='store_true', help='show the source rather than database ID') query_flags.add_argument('--since', action='store_true', help='query only structures added after time specified by --time in days') query_flags.add_argument('--source', action='store_true', help='print filenames from which structures were wrangled') query_flags.add_argument('-v', '--view', action='store_true', help='quickly view a structure/structures with ase-gui') query_flags.add_argument('--cell', action='store_true', help='export query to .cell files in folder name from query string') query_flags.add_argument('--param', action='store_true', help='export query to .param files in folder name from query string') query_flags.add_argument('--res', action='store_true', help='export query to .res files in folder name from query string') query_flags.add_argument('--json', action='store_true', help='export query to raw json files in folder name from query string') query_flags.add_argument('--pdb', action='store_true', help='export query to .pdb files in folder name from query string') query_flags.add_argument('--xsf', action='store_true', help='export query to .xsf files in folder name from query string') query_flags.add_argument('--markdown', action='store_true', help='export query summary to a markdown file') query_flags.add_argument('--latex', action='store_true', help='export query summary to a LaTeX table') query_flags.add_argument('--write_n', type=int, help='export only those structures with n species') swap_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) swap_flags.add_argument('-sw', '--swap', type=str, nargs='+', help='swap all atoms in structures from a query from the first n-1 species to the nth, ' 'e.g. -sw NAs will swap all N to As, -sw NAs:LiNa will swap all N to As, and all Li ' 'to Na, and -sw [V]As:[Li,K,Rb]Na will swap all group V elements to As and all of Li,' 'K and Rb to Na.') diff_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) diff_flags.add_argument('-cmp', '--compare', type=str, nargs='+', help='diff phase diagrams between two different times, in standard time format, ' 'e.g. `--compare 1y2m5d3h` will compare the present hull with that of 1 year, 2 ' 'months, 5 days and 3 hours ago, and `--compare 3d 2d` will compare three days ago ' 'to two days ago.') refine_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) refine_flags.add_argument('-task', '--task', type=str, help=('refine subtask to perform: options are spg, elem_set, tag, doi, source, ' 'pspot or raw or sub')) refine_flags.add_argument('-mode', '--mode', type=str, help='mode of refinement: options are display, set and overwrite') refine_flags.add_argument('-symprec', '--symprec', type=float, help='spglib symmetry precision for refinement') refine_flags.add_argument('--new_tag', type=str, help='new tag to add to structures in query') refine_flags.add_argument('--new_doi', type=str, help='new doi to add to structures in query') stats_flags = argparse.ArgumentParser(add_help=False) stats_flags.add_argument('-l', '--list', action='store_true', help='list all collections, their sizes, and owners') stats_flags.add_argument('--delete', action='store_true', help='try to delete collection specified by --db') # define subcommand parsers and their arguments # matador stats subparsers.add_parser('stats', help='print some stats about the database.', parents=[global_flags, stats_flags]) # matador query subparsers.add_parser('query', help='query and extract structures from the database', parents=[global_flags, query_flags, structure_flags]) # matador import subparsers.add_parser('import', help='import new structures in folder into database', parents=[global_flags, import_flags]) # matador hull subparsers.add_parser('hull', help='create a convex hull from query results (currently limited to binaries and ternaries)', parents=[global_flags, structure_flags, material_flags, plot_flags, query_flags]) # matador voltage subparsers.add_parser('voltage', help='plot a voltage curve from query results (currently limited to binaries and ternaries)', parents=[global_flags, structure_flags, material_flags, plot_flags, query_flags]) # matador changes subparsers.add_parser('changes', help='view database changelog or undo additions to database (NB: not deletions!)', parents=[global_flags, changes_flags]) # matador hulldiff subparsers.add_parser('hulldiff', help='diff two convex hulls with the --compare flag.', parents=[global_flags, structure_flags, material_flags, plot_flags, query_flags, diff_flags]) # matador swaps subparsers.add_parser('swaps', help='perform atomic swaps on query results', parents=[global_flags, collection_flags, query_flags, structure_flags, material_flags, swap_flags]) # matador refine subparsers.add_parser('refine', help='update structures in the database according to specified --task', parents=[global_flags, query_flags, structure_flags, refine_flags, material_flags]) parsed_args = parser.parse_args() vars_args = vars(parsed_args) # check for inconsistent argument combinations if vars_args.get('intersection') and vars_args.get('composition') is None: raise SystemExit('--intersection requires --composition.') if vars_args.get('subcmd') == 'stats' and vars_args.get('list') and vars_args.get( 'delete'): raise SystemExit('Cannot use -l/--list and --delete') if vars_args.get('field') and vars_args.get('filter') is None: raise SystemExit('--field requires --filter.') if vars_args.get('subcmd') == 'hull' and vars_args.get('composition') is None: raise SystemExit('hull requires --composition') if vars_args.get('calc_match') and vars_args.get('id') is None: raise SystemExit('calc_match requires specification of a text_id with -i, exiting...') if vars_args.get('profile'): import cProfile import pstats from sys import version_info profiler = cProfile.Profile() profiler.enable() MatadorCommandLine(parsed_args, argstr=argv[1:], no_quickstart=no_quickstart) if vars_args.get('profile'): profiler.disable() fname = 'matador-{}-{}.{}.{}'.format(__version__, version_info.major, version_info.minor, version_info.micro) profiler.dump_stats(fname + '.prof') with open(fname + '.pstats', 'w') as fp: stats = pstats.Stats(profiler, stream=fp).sort_stats('cumulative') stats.print_stats()
if __name__ == '__main__': main()